Τρίτη, 22 Φεβρουαρίου 2011

Do i want to be a part of this.?

I keep asking myself that question.Do i want to be a part of this?
Am i bored enough?Am i stupid enough?Do i care enough?
I have never,ever seen your face,nor listen to your voice.
I only know you by some letters typed by your fingers in your PC.
But,somehow i feel like i know you.Like you are my friend.
I care about you.I want you to be happy.Erm...i mean,
i want you to tell me that you are happy.
When something is wrong with you my mood changes.
Are you real?
Do i really know you or i am THAT stupid?

Παρασκευή, 18 Φεβρουαρίου 2011

As the rain falls....

Rain..When the clouds fall into a gazillion pieces.Just like i fall apart now.
I wish you were there.To pick my pieces up and make me one whole again.
I need you.I miss you.
You know that already,but i couldnt help but telling it again.

Πέμπτη, 17 Φεβρουαρίου 2011

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Who are you?!I dont regognize you anymore!Why are you lieing to me?Lies Lies Lies!
I am not stupid.I never was.What made you feel like i will act stupid now?
Dont you understand i can tell in one second when you are lieing and when you are not?
What are you trying to achive?
You want to be better than me?
I just want the you,not like that,like the way you were.
Without lies.Without trying to be the best one in everything.Why cant you see?
Boys will like me too...maybe i am more attractive that you,more polite,more talkative...
We cant be the same...We are supposed to be like Ying Yang.I am the Ying..You the Yang...
and vise versa.
What is the point of being the same?
I like the idea of you making me a whole.If you are just like me,
then we will be,two halfs....Nothing.
Stop lieing.
I Love you.

Τετάρτη, 16 Φεβρουαρίου 2011


So my brother just left the house.He is going to Lepsus to meet his girl.
It's short of a vacation right?I couldnt have a relanshionship when the other half
is too far away..12 hours far away.
But he can as i can see...
I would love to have someone who is willing to travel all this time
just to hold me in his arms...

Τρίτη, 15 Φεβρουαρίου 2011


I dont understand why..?What is wrong with you?What were you thinking?
Do you realize what you have just done?
What pleasure do you find in it?
I dont understand and i am getting furious.Why do you rape?Why?
Think about the woman's life afterwards.She will feel empty.Hole.
You rape,you beat them up...Oh,i wish i could beat you up.I wish i could kill you with my bare hands.
Nothing will stop me the day i find you.Nothing will save you.
You think i am a little girl...i cant do damage.
Well,you dont know me.
Which means you dont know what i am capable of doing.
I promise,i will find out who you are.I promise i will hunt you down.
You commited a crime.The most awful of them all.
I dont care if i sound like terminator or Chuck Norris.
You hurted people.And someone must make you taste your own medicine.
Now its your turn.

Δευτέρα, 14 Φεβρουαρίου 2011

It was not m---I was nothing to do wi---OH SHUT UP!

So,today is Valentines Day!
Yeah...look how happy i am!What?What fake smile?
Oh,my fake smile!
Well sorry but you have to bare with it,as long as you are reading this.
Yeah,i am in a relanshionship for 5 years.YEY!But today,
the first thing i heard for him was:
"It was your fault!I wanted to!I stayed for you!" *phone hangs up*
Well,most of boys would be happy for the love i am givving you!
And i am greatful of what i am reaciving in return...most times.
But why dont you try to understand?I am looking for your own good!
I dont care about me!I care for you!I LOVE YOU!!
You stayed for me?Then...good.I guess.
I would love to stay for you too.I am doing it every single day...
You dont see me yelling.On the other hand you...
I am doing this for us.I gave you options.You took this one.
You had options.I didnt forced you into anything...
Do you realy feel like that?

Do they exist?

I just watched this magnificent movie.I couldn't help but wonder.
Does men like Jery exist?
That kind of love...exists?
If so,tell me where so i can go and find it.
Jery was so awsome.
He got passed human mind,passed human imagination..
For his wife,his girl,his Galway Girl.
I admire this kinda men.I really wish the existed.
But they dont.
Gerry Kennedy: Dear Holly, I don't have much time. I don't mean literally, I mean you're out buying ice cream and you'll be home soon. But I have a feeling this is the last letter, because there is only one thing left to tell you. It isn't to go down memory lane or make you buy a lamp, you can take care of yourself without any help from me. It's to tell you how much you move me, how you changed me. You made me a man, by loving me Holly. And for that, I am eternally grateful... literally. If you can promise me anything, promise me that whenever you're sad, or unsure, or you lose complete faith, that you'll try to see yourself through my eyes. Thank you for the honor of being my wife. I'm a man with no regrets. How lucky am I. You made my life, Holly. But I'm just one chapter in yours. There'll be more. I promise. So here it comes, the big one. Don't be afraid to fall in love again. Watch out for that signal, when life as you know it ends. P.S. I will always love you 

Κυριακή, 13 Φεβρουαρίου 2011

What the f....?

Whatta?We didnt use to be like that...Did we?All that bordom.
I dont remember me like this.Being bored all the time.
You will say..how about you take a walk...Well...
I am bored even doing this!
How is the right one to blame?I would say...this..
this diabolic thing...this thing that has spread all over the planet!
Yes internet.I am sitting in this chair for like....ages!I only get up
to wash the dishes or make something to eat or something.
Thank God for the chores!If there werent those then i would propably be
fat.Νot just fat...lets say a little hipo!Haha!
Have you ever wondered?How your life would be without internet?
Are you having goosebumps right now?
You feel kinda empty?
Well what about that?
Close the PC.And get out.
To the real LIFE.

Α typical Sunday Morning.....

Well this is ok...i guess.Everyone is home.And i mean everyone.Voices,laughs..missery?If the conversation comes to money then tears will be added in the list.
Its a beautiful morning after all.Sunny,and the sky is crystal clear.I love that type of weather after the cold winter.I love winter too but this...reminds me of...silence,peace...Everything is so peaceful.I like that.Haha,ho many time have i mention that "i like that?".I repeat myself.That is not a very good thing?But today is a fine day and..it doesnt matter.
Go out,enjoy the day,sit at the grass and gaze through the mountain.Do you have a mountain near you?If not then spend a little time and go to one.It will be amazing.Grab your dog if you have one.You will have a great time.Escape from your life for a few hours.It will defenatly worth it.

Please dont hit me!

Το θεμα ειναι ευαισθητο.Και οι ανησυχιες μου ερχονται μετα τα μεσανυκτα.
Θυμαμαι οταν ημουν μικρη,τα παιδια στο σχολειο,με κοροιδευανε γιατι εκανα
παρεα με παιδια που δεν ηταν απο Ελλαδα.Κυριως εκανα παρεα με παιδια,
απο την Αλβανια.Τοτε ντρεπομουν να το λεω,γιατι οποτε το ελεγα,
με εβριζαν,με εφτυναν,μου τραβουσαν τις κοτσιδες μου..
Απορω,τι ειχαν πει αυτοι οι γονεις στα παιδακια τους?Οταν εισαι 8-9 χρονων
δεν ξερεις και πολλα.Οτι σε μαθουν οι γονεις.Τι ειχαν πει λοιπον αυτοι
οι γονεις(?) στα παιδακια τους για να συμπεριφερονται με αυτον τον τροπο
σε παιδια ξενα,κ κυριως σε παιδια απο την Αλβανια?
Να βλεπεις 8χρονα να πετανε πετρες,να δερνουν...γιατι?Γιατι αλλο?
Γιατι το παιδακι τολμησε να ειναι απο την Αλβανια!
Προσωπικα,την μεγαλυτερη στηριξη την εχω παρει απο αλβανους.
Τον Ολτι,την Γιασμην,τον Αγγελο,την Χαρα,την Αντα,την Πεγκυ.
Τα καλυτερα παιδια.Παιδια με χαμογελο,ζεστη καρδια...αγαπη.
Και απο τους Ελληνες τι πηρα?Ρατσισμο,βρισιδια,χτυπηματα,
μιζερια,κακοτυχια,κλαμα ολα τα καλα.
Λοιπον,δεν με νοιαζει αν σου αρεσει.
Εγω αγαπω τους φιλους μου.
Για μενα δεν μετραει η καταγωγη!


Ειπα να σταματησω να γραφω ολα τα ποστ στα αγγλικα και να κανω κ ενα ελληνικο.
Λοιπον,δεν ξερω ποιος το διαβαζει αυτο,ποιος θα το αναπαραγει,ποιος θα του δωσει σημασια και ποιος θα γελασει.
Γιατι πρεπει ομως να ενδιαφερθω για ολα αυτα τα παραπανω?Καποτε δεν με ενοιαζε.Καποτε δεν με ενοιαζε τιποτα.Κοιτουσα το καλο μου κ ας με λεγανε εγωιστρια και "παρτακια".Γιατι ξερεις κατι?Στην τελικη οποιος ειναι εγωιστης ποτε δεν πληγωνεται.Κοιταει να εχει τον εαυτο του καλα και δεν τον νοιαζουν οι αλλοι.Και εγω που αλλαξα τι καταλαβα?Να βαζω τους αλλους πανω απο εμενα,να κοιταω το καλο των αλλων...Γιατι να περιμενω καποιος να κοιταξει το καλο το δικο μου απο την στιγμη που ουτε εγω η ιδια δεν το κανω?Τρελο δεν ακουγετε?Σου λεει ο αλλος,"Κατσε ρε φιλε,αφου δεν νοιαζεσαι για τον εαυτο σου θα το κανω εγω?".Λογικο.Το ανηκουστο ειναι πως ακομα κ αν το καταλαβαινω αυτο,παλι περιμενω απο ανθρωπους που δεν νοιαζονται να νοιαστουν για μενα.Εγω ειμαι εδω...σε ακουω..Εσυ με ακους?Με ακους πραγματικα?Οπως αλλαξα εγω δυστυχως,αλλαξαν κ εκεινοι.Το εκνευριστικο ειναι οταν σου το παιζουν θιγμενοι.Κριμα...Πραγματικα κριμα.

Σάββατο, 12 Φεβρουαρίου 2011

Pwetty pwease...Give me a fucking happy day...Just once!!!

Hit me you asshole!Hit me while i am still down!Thats fine,thats is just fine!I will not cry.I will not give you that pleasure.Why cry when i can hit you back?**BOOM**.Did you like that?What did it feel?
I feel like that every single day FYI.I just wanna wake up one morning and see the colors,smell the sunshine,to taste the fresh baked bread.
I dont want to wake up and start drifting with my mind,what would i do if....If we got out of money,if the one i love is sick,if we dont have a good time,if we have food to eat,water to drink,clothes to wear...
I want to be child again for a little while.When everything that did matter back then was who is in "love" with who,if we are going to take an A or a B in grades,if the last hot dog from the cafeteria was takken...
I dont want any more sadness,any more depression.
I will go on fighting.I WILL NEVER QUIT.Keep hiiting me..I will stand up.I am a fighter.You will never...ever...break me down.

Friends with...benefits?

This is a famous quote which is been told by Peyton in One Tree Hill tv series.How many of us are we in the same position?How many of us have we chose to be in that position and how many of us actualy have been forced into that position?Actualy you cant be forced into anything to say things right.If you dont like a situation you are free to go,BUT you dont.So,when the time comes...who will you blame?Your best friend that didnt pull you out of that hole,your mamma,your brother...even your Nanna,but never yourself.Well girl/boy...Sorry for that but....You are the one to blame.Stand up for your self and speak up if you dont like this situation you are in.Notice that already!You are the only one to blame!You put the limits in your life.WAKE UP.

Human rights...HUH?

This is the most HOT and sexy tv show on earth.The plot goes on about...well...lesbians.Is it a taboo?Not for me.Τhat is why i am writting about it.It is a crime to feel attraction for one of your own sex?Woman on woman,men on men...Is it realy a crime?God made as with free will didnt He?So what is the problem?Most of people feel fine about lesbians.They like to watch them get steamy.But when it comes to men...WoooHoooo God help us.They are capable of killing too!I have to say this.Been attracted to a woman like KATE MOENNING   is absolutly normal if you ask me.Lets not be judgemental about what everyone is doing in his/hers bed.It doesnt consern us right?What?It DOES consern you?
Well...what about that....

Ι am sooooo looking forward to this!!!

They took him away from me.Army.Assholes!What for?Are we going through a war or something?Noooo!So?You are sick people who are into breaking up couples and families?But guess what?We are strong!We will never going to be apart...Let me learn you a word..LOVE.Do you know by any chance what this means?
If he wanted it...then fine.But he does not.They does not.They dont wont to come there!What part is difficult to understand?Morons!

Ηey!!!!!!! I am here too you dumpass!

Oh hey!Look at that huh?You talk talk talk...
How about I talk for a change?
Would you let me?
You are not the only one with problems for crying out loud!
Let me speak!!!!!I want you to care for me!
I want you to ask how my day was,just how i do with you!
I want to tell you what happened to me today...
But you wont just let me!
I feel so invisible when i am around you...


So,this is how is it gonna go?Me yelling and you yelling back at me?We didnt used to be like that you know.You used to hug me,and i would kiss your chick.Something that little turned to be a nightmare.Have you noticed how long it've been since you last hugged me?When was the last time you called first?It didnt used to be so hard,you and me.It was so easy,like breathing.Now i have to think twice before i talk to you.When we speak you look at me like..."ok is it over yet?".Who are you?Do you know who I am?I am your best friend remember?

Did it worth it?

There are times that i cought myself crying over a boy.Others that i caught myself crying over something i didnt manage to acomplish.I cry for a lost friend.I cry for a piece o clothing that doesnt fit anymore.I cry because i got stood up.Because the weather ruined my plans...And sometimes,like now.I sit here and i wonder.DID IT WORTH IT?
Why crying when you can laugh?Why crying when you can dance?Why spend hours,minutes,seconds of your life being sad when you can actually be happy?

Just....Shut it!

Have you ever thought to stop eatting?What's the point?You eat when you are mad,when you are depressed,when you are happy...when when when..Just addmit you like the effing food and stop trying to find excuses!
When the summer comes you will start complaining that you are fat,that you are ugly...When that moment comes,chill out for a while,stop,and think...WHY THE HELL DID YOY OPEN THE FRIDGE???